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A place where we approach training and look at the body in a holistic manner. Although we don’t need to remind our heart it has to beat nor our lungs they have to breathe, I believe in the importance of feeling connected to our body, learning how to take – better – care of ourselves. I also believe that movement can be a powerful medium to support us in that journey. With a strong focus on core strength & engagement, posture & joint alignment, you will learn how to execute each exercise with correct technique, understand how to engage and use your whole body throughout each training session. As well as receiving perceptive guidance and tips on how to adapt any exercise to fit your body’s needs, you’ll be able to carry yourself with confidence in the gym. Working as a Team, I will guide you through accurate exercises and together we will find the right strategies – that suits you and your lifestyle – to support your journey towards reaching your desired goals. By creating a safe space, meeting you in a fun and positive environment, I will invite you to push your limits and surprise yourself with how much you can achieve.

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About Maude

Maude Fornerod is a certified Personal Trainer, group fitness Instructor in Cycling, TRX and Gravity as well as a professional Dancer. With a huge passion for movement, fitness and personal development, she has developed over the years a strong ability to “listen to the body” - her own as well as her clients’. Willing to continuously grow, curious to always learn more about the wide realm of Health and Fitness, she strongly believes that:
a Peaceful – Strong – Resilient – Happy & Healthy Mind

will automatically translate to:
a Peaceful – Strong – Resilient – Happy & Healthy Body.

Her experience as a dancer is most certainly intertwined with her Coaching and she deeply cares about her clients being able to Feel and make a mind connection, through building a stronger body and making the most of every exercise.

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