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Body, Mind and Movement with Maude

Why train with me?

Whether you never stepped foot in a gym before or you feel like a fish in the water on the gym floor, I am here to meet you where you’re at

Efficient Training

Setting a strong foundation first by learning how to execute exercises with the correct technique and allowing you to get stronger the right way. Building a greater awareness of your body and reaching your goals confidently.

Maximum Motivation

Working as a team, I will be by your side from your first session until you reach your goals

Long Term Results

Adopting new habits that are easy enough for you to maintain for the rest of your life.

No Diet

Learn how to eat smart without having to follow a strict & restrictive diet

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What my clients say

I highly recommend Maude as a personal trainer for anyone that is looking for a tailor-made training and long term results. Maude's training, nutrition tips and motivation have enabled me to modify my life-style and get results that have lasted beyond the training sessions. Her professionality is beyond remarkable and turned training into a fun and enjoyable activity to look forward to!

Maria, 29 years old
August, 2023

I started the sessions with Maude to get new inspiration, and also to focus the training on my issues with osteoarthritis in knees especially, and also generally in relation to keeping the body a bit younger than the actual age. You have during all the sessions been super good at “listening to my body” and be able to adjust the exercises. When I “complain” about feeling pain somewhere, you always have a suggestion for a small adjustment – and it always works! Your body knowledge from the dancing education feels to me as being valuable for a PT as any other education like e.g. physiotherapist. The training have in fact made my knee pains go away!! It has been super exciting and inspiring to perform training with a higher focus on details. I can really feel a difference from the “ordinary” training that I have been used to the last 50+ years. This kind of focus is difficult to implement on team training, so I plan to continue with you for some time still, and try to expand my own training in parallel!

Uffe Wind, 66 years old
January, 2023

After 3 months of training with a very skilled personal trainer who paid attention to every little detail and movement, I have strengthened all the muscles in my body. In addition, my balance has improved and I have received instructions on how to train at home. I will definitely continue with that support to maintain and maybe even improve the good results.

Inge-Lise, 75 years old
august, 2022

My name is Simone and I started PT training with Maude in March 2022 after I injured my knee ligaments skiing. I was very motivated to make my knee functional again, because I had plans to go skiing again in Easter week and skiing is my favorite thing in the world.  At the same time I was a bit afraid that I would not get ready for it, neither physically nor mentally.  In this process, Maude was a wonderful support both in helping me steadily building up muscle strength, balance and flexibility in my knee. She also guided me in slowly removing my fear around my knee not being strong enough for skiing. The result was that I was back on the slopes, even the black slope, in Easter week. I could not have been happier. Thanks so much to the best PT trainer Maude Fornerod!!!

Simone, 31 years old
June, 2022

Over the past year, I have made it a priority to participate in Maude's indoor cycling class due to her high commitment, her challenging composition of the spinning program and her choice of music that supports the tempo and execution of the program. She is always very attentive if participants have problems with setting up the bike or downloading the spinning app. All in all, I can recommend Maude as a professional and always smiling instructor.

Jesper, 58 years old
November, 2023
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Where to find me?

Personal Trainer in Copenhagen

- Sporting Health Club - Kaktus Tower & Borups Allé

- Søborg Tower for weekly morning classes; Indoor Cycling with European Energy and Functional Training with ISS World  Services A/S

- Novonordisk (Søborg site) for weekly Functional Training & Indoor Cycling classes

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